Ruby graduated from University of Portland and Aesthetic Beauty School in 2021. Ruby then happened to travel to Asia and ran a salon there where she had learned to advanced permanent makeup and eyelash extension.

Whoevers are famous in Asia for either permanent makeup or lash extensions, she studied them all. Ruby always puts her clients’ health and beauty above all things. She started her own studio/room with just one bed when she came back from Asia in May 2023.

The business quickly grows and expands, with support of her loyal clients, Ruby Eyelash Extension and Permanent Makeup now arrives inside Vancouver mall in Oct 2023 with bigger space and more techs to service her clients. Ruby has lots of pride and dedication in each of her artwork to ensure any new clients will be so happy they come back.

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Sanitation Process

  1. Before touching clients, Ruby’s artists always wash hands thoroughly.
  2. Most tools are one time use: needles, razors, pigment containers/cups, disposable examination gloves, wax strips, eye pads, lash brushes and fake lashes.
  3. Ruby’s salon use UV Light Sanitizer box to sanitize all tools including tweezer, tattoo machine, and any metal that come in contact with clients’ machine
  4. Bed and light are covered in protective film and disposed after each procedure
  5. All needles and covers are removed and disposed properly after procedures
  6. Surfaces are disinfected with spray disinfectant with spray disinfectant and wipes

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My friend referred me to Ruby because of her unique style. I couldn’t be happier with the lip healed result. The lip color turned out so pretty and natural, so I come back to get my eyebrows shading as well. I showed her the eyebrows shape that I like and she did it for me. It saves so much time to wake up with perfect eyebrows and pink lips like this everyday

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Poly Sharma

Ruby did my lips 3 weeks ago without any pain, and the color still fresh until today, I will come back again to do lashes extensions because she does have really great skill

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Tina Phạm

I came to Ruby for a lip blush a few weeks ago. She redefines my lip shape with the pigment, make them look more even and heart shape like I wanted. The lip color looks better each day. I can’t stop staring at my lips now.

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Victoria Truong

This is my micro shading eyebrows after fully healed. I don’t think I need to go back in for a touch-up. Ruby is attentive, professional and has good fashion taste. I love my eyebrows!

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Judy Chu

I took my mom to Ruby for a makeover of her eyebrows and lips. My mom was happy with the shape, color and that there was no pain or bruise at all

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LiLy Chen

My lips were full of fordyce spots and lip filler but Ruby input pigment just fine. Very hygienic , easy and painless process. She is knowledgeable about what she is doing

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